TX-32 laboratory-scale twin-screw extruder
  • Co-rotating, full intermeshing screws
  • Nominal barrel bore diameters of 32 mm
  • Production capacities varying from 25 kg/h up to 200 kg/h
  • Fully automated PLC control system
  • Power requirement of 30 kW


  • Development of new extrusion applications and products in laboratories
  • Processing of maize, soya, wheat, legumes and other products
  • Produces products for food, feed, aqua feed, and pet food
  • Ready-to-eat or precooked products
  • Variable shapes, sizes and diameters of extruded products
  • Developing new applications for agricultural products, by-products and waste streams


  • User-friendly intuitive operating system
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Products can be scaled up to be produced on production extruders
  • High quality products with reliable consistency
  • Built-in protection devices to safeguard extruder
  • 24-hours local maintenance support
  • IOT enabled

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