Product development

The lab is equipped with various technologies to make product development easy and flexible.

The pilot size twin screw extruder (TX32) available in the lab is ideally suited for research and product development and may be used for production of small batches for consumer acceptance studies. The programmable logic control (PLC) system used for operating the TX32, allows for tracking of real-time data such that specific mechanical energy (SME), actual throughput, as well as operating conditions may be easily recorded and accessed throughout and after the extrusion process.

Our team is continuously developing new recipes and applications while exploring and improving present applications. A library of recipes is available to clients for the development of new food or feed products. Our focus is on food and feed applications; however, we also explore beneficiation of byproducts from various sectors of agriculture.

The laboratory is able to assist with characterisation of the raw materials as well as the finished extrudates. Relevant tests for quality evaluation of extruded products can be completed under the guidance of our scientists. New products can be easily recreated ensuring quality and consistency.

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