ExtruAfrica: Engineering, management & operation of extrusion plants

This 3-day course focus on the practical aspects of engineering, management and operation of extrusion plants.  It covers the principles of extrusion, the design of extrusion processes, the formulation of extruded products and how to properly maintain and operate an extrusion plant.

Mar 2022

ExtruAfrica: Food & feed drying technology

Drying is one of the most common operations in food and feed production. It is critical to the quality and/or functionality of many products, and it is one of our most energy-intensive process operations. Yet it is often poorly understood and inefficient. This short course in Drying Technology combines the practical perspective of experienced industry professionals with the in-depth technical knowledge of drying processes.

Mar 2022

ExtruAfrica: Applications of extrusion for developing countries

The training seminar focus on technical and practical applications of extrusion.  This is presented by international experts with years of experience in extrusion processing, product development and applications.  Focus is also being placed on latest trends and new developments in the sector.

Aug 2022